NOTARIAL SERVICES (for Affidavits, Special Powers of Attorney (SPA) and other legal documents)

The Philippine Consulate General in Osaka provides notarial services primarily for Philippine citizens in western Japan intending to submit notarized documents normally intended for use in the Philippines.

Notarial services as provided by the Consular Section DO NOT cover crafting legal documents, nor drawing wills, powers of attorney, deeds, and documents of similar nature on behalf of the transacting public.

It is the responsibility of the party availing of the legalization services to craft their own documents based on their purpose and/or the requirements of the Philippine-based office to which the notarized documents are to be submitted.

Along with the original document and relevant attachments, applicants must prepare an extra set of photocopies in A4-size paper when submitting documents for legalization.

Personal appearance is MANDATORY for notarization of documents at the Consulate.  The person availing of notarial services must personally appear at the Consular Section and affix his/her signature on his/her document for notarization.  

Requirements when personally submitting documents: 

  1. Original and one (1) photocopy of the legal document to be notarized (e.g. Special Power of Attorney (SPA), Affidavit of Support, Guarantee & Consent (ASGC) or other Affidavits or Declarations.) 
  2. The person executing the legal document (e.g. SPA, Affidavit of Support, Guarantee & Consent (ASGC) or other affidavits or declarations) must personally sign the document at the Consulate.  
  3. Original and two (2) photocopies of the data page of applicant's VALID Passport as proof of identify of the person executing the document.
  4.  For joint SPA / ASGC and other Affidavits, if the other signatory is Japanese or of other nationality, two (2) photocopies of the data page of his/her passport
  5. Processing fee of 3,250 yen for every document 
  6. Return mail (Letter Pack 520 - available at the Post Office) 

Filipino citizens who need their personal documents legalized but are unable to appear in person at the Consulate for consular notarization can instead have their documents authenticated.  However, they need to first have the documents notarized before a Japanese notary public (Koshonin yakuba) then authenticated by the Legal Affairs Bureau (Homukyoku) then authenticated by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Gaimusho) before presenting it to the Consulate for authentication.

Please see the details about consular authentication here.

Processing Period :  Five (5) working days from date of receipt at the Consulate and provided that all documents submitted are complete and authentic.