1.  Applicant should fill-out the barcoded NBI Clearance Form which may be secured from the Identification and Records Division, 4/F, NBI Clearance Building, U.N. Avenue, Manila. Applicants may request their authorized representative in the Philippines to send the NBI form to them in Japan. Limited NBI clearance forms are also available at the Philippine Consulate.
  2.  Applicant personally appears at the consular section to have his/her fingerprint impressions taken
  3.  Applicant should submit two (2) passport-size (2 x 2) colored photos with white background and taken within the last three months 
  4.  Applicant should submit two (2) copies of the datapage of his/her valid Philippine passport.  Applicant must also bring his/her passport when applying
  5.  If available,   applicant should also bring previously issued NBI Clearance/s
  6.  Processing fee of 3,250 yen

Important:  Please note that the Consulate only takes fingerprint impressions and certifies these on the NBI clearance application form.   The Consulate does not issue the NBI Clearance.   In order for the clearance application form to be processed by the National Bureau of Investigation, it must be sent by the applicant to the Philippines. 

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